Spotlight: Round Valley Collectiques
by Christy hardman
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Round Valley Collectiques in Scipio is housed in the old Antelope Inn. Proprietors Gary and Monique Hudson started the business after moving to Utah from Alaska nearly a decade ago.
As you may well know, Scipio is not a metropolis. As one man put it, “It appears that the primary industry in town is selling gas.” But that’s not entirely true. 

On Main Street, across from the Fire Hall, is a two story salt box building that used to be the Antelope Inn. It operated as a hotel/bus terminal for the Trailways and Greyhound north and south routes.

Now the building houses an antique store, Round Valley Collectiques, owned by Gary and Monique Hudson. Gary said they still have a mercantile sign up from 1920. The sign reads, “Sold from Alaska to Australia.”

The Hudsons have been in the antique business for about nine years since he retired from being a general contractor for mines in the Yukon Territory. 

“You never want to retire from life all the way,” he said. “I’ve always been a collector of odds and ends, so we came out here to Scipio. We had such a big building we thought we’d better do something with it, so we decided on an antique store.” 

Gary said that they have redone all of the rooms, but they don’t rent them out. 

“We keep them up so the kids and grandkids have a place to stay when they come,” he said. Gary said they moved to Scipio because that’s where their grandkids are. 

Gary started with a collection of coins and some license plates, but from there his collections have grown and grown. He said the biggest portion of his antiques come from people downsizing. 

“People move into a smaller house, and they just don’t want to move all their stuff with them,” he said. “One lady said she’d had her dishes for 50 years and she’d never used them, and she wasn’t about to move them again. People usually will haul their things here before they would throw them out.” 

Gary said he’s learned a lot through the years. 

“Little by little you learn, but you never really learn everything,” he said. 

One of the things Gary said he’s learned is to always be fair. 

“If someone comes in with something that’s worth a large amount of money, well, you’d better give it to them. That way we can both make a dollar off it.”

Gary said his collection consists of various kinds of glass, tools, license plates, dishes, traps and some furniture. They carry a lot of old wood doors and windows that are popular in decorating. He also has some quilts from the 1800s to the 1920s.

“After a while it gets to be quite a variety,” he said. “You’ve got to have it, because people want it.”

Gary said that people trade license plates like trading cards, and they’re always looking for ones they don’t have. 

The biggest part of the Hudson’s business comes from out of town.

“People that are passing from Salt Lake to St. George make it a point to stop here, or people heading along the back way to the national parks. We have a lot of repeat customers,” he said.

Round Valley Collectiques is “right in the middle of Scipio.” Gary said it’s about the only other building in town outside the Dairy Queen on the interstate. The store part of the building is all original. 

“We’ve left it like it was when it was originally built, so it’ll have that same quaint feel, the same plaster with cracks in it. It’s really got a fun character,” he said.

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